eva-the-energy-conduit asked:

Hey Delsin, man your powers are amazing, especialy the karmic bomb, it's just WOW, Completly amazing. And, hum, just to Know, How's Eugene?

Captain Of The Zackdaw Answer:


Hey thanks man! I bet your powers are pretty swell too ;)

Leme tell you, karmic bomb? Best, power, EVER.

Ehh Eugene? He’s aight, busy playing his new games and what not…somethin’ bout watching dogs……


SOOO PUNS delsidoodle


It is your nature. Your legacy.

I’d like to think that part of what makes the Avatar so powerful is his or her inevitable choice to do right by their power, instead of abusing it. 

Celebratory “Thank you for 700!” post. Again. Because I can’t sleep today for some reason ugh.

avatar lok love ahhhh karma


For real though, Avatar Wan is my favorite Avatar. I wish they would have just made his story instead of the Korra story. Oops.



We all know that one teacher that thinks they bout that life.